Beyond The Stars 2017

Competitive Dance Team

(413) 583-2321

Address: 658 Center Street,
Ludlow, MA 01056,
United States

Audition INFO:
A letter of interest form to be filled out and submitted prior to the audition. 
Minimum dance team requirements that must be met and considered prior to auditioning:
Dancers must attend the dance intensive over the summer.
Company dancers can attend a range of 5-8 hours of class per week over the course of each 16 to 17-week session; students must commit to attending the program for at least one calendar year. 

> 1-2 ballet classes ( 1-2 hours/wk)
> 1 traditional modern class (1-1.25/wk)
> 1 Jazz class (45 min-1 hour/wk)
> Minimum choice of one but could take all:
> 1 Acro class (1 hour/wk) **Preferred but not required**
> 1 Hip Hop (1 hour/wk)
> 1 Tap class (1hour/wk)
> 1 Musical Theater (1hour/wk) ages 9+
**dancers under age 9 have a lighter schedule requirement
Attendance Policy:
No more than 4 classes per season/year may be miseed.
Three late arrivals or sitting out or combo of both with account for an absence
No more than 4 team rehearsals can be missed the entire season.

Dress Code and hair:
Must be adhered to as part of the team and setting an example for all dancers at studio
Minimum of three regional competitions, master classes, local performances and travel opportunities.

Additional details will be provided once the letters are sent home in August with results from auditions and an info session will be held in early September.

Skills to work on or be prepared to show at auditions:
Right/left split
straddle split
heel stretch
back bend from standing
right/left jete
straddle leap
chaine leap turn
right/left pirroutte and multiples
chaine turn

We also teach a contemporary/lyrical/jazz combos that will only be taught at audition.
If dancer checks off tap/hip hop for interest additional items may be required on that day.

**Please note it recommended that dancers audition even if with the slight interest because it prepares them for the reality, intensity and commitment that will be required of them if accepted on team or in the future.

Congratulations To Our 2016-2017 Team Members

​Jocelyn                      Annabella
Kristianna                  Dafne
Kaitlyn                       Kaycie
Katlin                         Carly
Brianna                      Zoe
Grace                        Abigail
Erin                           Eliana
Jenna                        Rosalie
Madison                    Liliana
Genna                       Cambria
Olivia                         Addison
Anya                          Bayleigh
Aviana                       Sophie
Bianca                       Veronica

Our Team is Proudly Sponsored by:

Congratulations to the 2017 team for earning these amazing awards this weekend at our first competition of the season.  Beyond the Stars!

  • Little Shop- Platinum, 6th Overall and Broadway Bound Special award
  • 32 Flavors-Platinum- 5th Overall and Terrific Teamwork Special award
  • 9 to 5- High gold.  Sara Depelteau Janik received an Entertainment Award for her choreography
  • Goody Two Shoes-High Gold, 8th Overall
  • 1234-Platinum, High score in catagory, 4th overall
  • Route 66-HIgh Gold
  • Counting Stars-High Gold, 4th Overall
  • One Day at a Time- High Gold, 6th Overall
  • One Singular Sensation-Platinum-1st Overall, Broadway Bound Special award
  • Castle- HIgh Gold, Mystical and Magical Special Award
  • Dauntless-High Gold
  • Alaska-Platinum
  • Wolf-Platinum, 8th overall
  • Fireball-High Gold
  • Let's Get Loud- Platinum, 2nd Overall, Glamorous Style Special award
  • Sister Act-High Gold, 1st Overall
  • Whip my hair-High Gold
  • Hero in Me- Platinum, 5th Overall, Born Entertainer Special award
  • Living Your Dreams- High Gold, 8th Overall
  • Determinate-Platinum, 1st Overall

$10 Audition Fee
Sunday, June 4
Ages 6-9 1pm-3pm
Ages 10-12 3:30-5:30
Ages 13+ 6-8pm

Additional date July 20 from 5-9pm
​if needed
**Some dancers may be asked to overlap ages groups**